Supima Cotton

Sustainable by nature.

Organic | Luxurious | Superior

The Worlds Finest Cotton.

We abide by our philosophy of ‘starting the right way’. Which is why we choose to invest in Supima cotton; the most superior type of cotton that represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. Our contribution to a circular fashion economy entails even the smallest details: our choice of fibre.

We are proud to be SUPIMA certified.

richer, longer-lasting colours.

Colours that stay brilliant.

The fine fibres of Supima absorb dye flawlessly with a deeper, longer-lasting penetration. This means that your garments will retain its rich colour profoundly better than regular cotton, maintaining its brilliance after many years of use.

Remarkably Soft, Silk-like luster.

Sumptuously softer.

Supima's inherently softer and more luxurious attributes are due to its extra-long staple fibre, measuring 1.5 inches vs. 1 inch for regular cotton. The additional length creates a smoother, soft-to-touch surface, that resists pilling and breakage.

Stronger, Longer-lasting garments.

Twice as strong as regular cotton.

These same extra-long staple fibres account for Supima’s extreme resilience, durability, and longevity. Unlike regular cotton, they effortlessly resist breaking, pulling and tearing, ensuring your garments withstand the test of time.