Environmental & Social Responsibility

We are committed to contributing to a circular fashion economy.

Sustainable. Responsible. Authentic.

Designing with circularity in mind.

We stand by our philosophy of 'starting the right way’. From our beginning, we have kept our commitment to circularity at utmost priority. In this way, we have sourced responsibly, crafted for longevity, and created timeless designs; all while upholding quality craftsmanship. Circularity begins with the materials you use, down to a single thread.

our choice

Sustainable and ethical production.

We source responsibly and thoughtfully to preserve natural resources. Sustainable and ethical production is a choice; our choice of doing better, being better, and most importantly, cultivating a better future. We strictly analyse and manage the impact our business has on workers and communities in our supply chain, and act in accordance with our sustainable and ethical responsibility.

reducing our environmental impact

Investing in local environmental action.

We acknowledge the environmental consequences of our industry and act in consideration of our impact. We invest in local sustainability projects in collaboration with Carbon Neutral, to restore landscapes, preserve biodiversity and sequester large amounts of atmospheric carbon. Fayazi was established on sustainability, and sustainability remains at the forefront of every decision we make.

Starting the right way.

We promise to only use 100% natural, renewable and recycled raw materials.