Luxury made better

Our mission is central to three pillars: superior quality garments, highest standards of craftsmanship and an emphasis on sustainable practices.

For The Modern Gentlemen.

Our pursuit is for you.

Superior Quality

Each garment is engineered with purpose. Organic fibres, sustainable by nature, gracefully woven into the pieces that constitute menswear. Our superior quality is derived from thoughtful design on our behalf, and partnership with skilled artisans to deliver.


We partner with the finest artisans around the world to deliver to the exacting standards of Fayazi. We believe there is a profound value in skilled artisans; a special touch added to a garment. A touch of culture, value, and legacy.

Sustainable Practices

Fayazi was established on the philosophy of simply, doing better. We understand the consequences of our industry and remain accountable and responsible for our impact. Sustainability remains at the forefront of every decision we make.


Exclusive Experience

Contemporary and eco-friendly packaging. Marked with an elegant gold foil stamping that compliments the traditional rich green colour of Fayazi.

Crafted from sustainable FSC-certified forest kraft paper and finalised with soy-based ink. These fundamental elements are part of our greater focus on sustainability, delivering to you safely and considerately.